Teacher Chelsea’s first week here

      On 3th June, I arrived at Thailand and from then on, my volunteer journey here began. I come from China and I’m a junior student in college who is studying accounting and I am taking my gap year. To be a volunteer teacher is the best choice I made for my gap year by no means. Because nothing is more meaningful than it for me and nothing is more cheerful than it for my students.
Our school is located at a rural village near the border of Cambodia in Sakeao province. The principal and teachers drove more than three hours to pick me up at the airport. Then they took me to have some Thai food. Firstly the lunch, then ice cream and lastly the Thai hot pot. You can never imagine how generous they are even on the first day we meet !

The first morning here, I was woke up by the sky light on 5:30am ( so early compared to China)
and the sounds made by chicken, birds and dogs from the temple. After that I heard a cute voice
coming downstairs. They are calling: Teacher! And that’s how it began. The whole
next month, I will be surrounded by the calling of Teacher! everyday.

When I met for the first time, many students were very curious about me. They all came over
to see me and greeted me. After we got to knoweach other , you will find that they are so polite
and welcome. They greet you every time they see you even though you just come back from
the toilet after three minutes. When you walk in the hallway, every student runs out of the classroom
and hugs you tightly while shouting “Teacher! Teacher!”  As you can picture, a group of students
gathered around me so that I could not move at all. I feel like I am a super star with a bunch of fans,
and they stuck me in the airport. Some students see you from a distance, and then they shout at you
happily while they are running to you and giving you a big hug after that.
Anyway,I was truly surprised how outgoing and dynamic these students are. Besides, they love taking photos.
Every time I take out my phone to take a photo, they will give me the best pose! They are all great model!


These kids are unbelievably adorable when you are playing with them, they love to be close to you, to play games with you and to have fun with you. In addition, when I am giving the class,
they are extremely supportive! Although sometimes they can’t understand you clearly, they still try to
cooperate with you and react to your lessons.
As for the teaching, I hold the view that what I can teach them is very limited due to the barrier of
language. Therefore, I would rather play games with them and leave a happy memory to them.
So I looked up plenty of songs , dance and games online. I taught them how to draw a rat with 7+2=9,
and how to fold a rocket with paper.


I taught them to sing and dance “If you are happy ”. First, clap your hands. Second, stomp your feet.
Last, say Hurray! And students they love it so much that they asked me to sing and dance this song
every class.

I also taught they some Chinese song, like the most famous on “两只老虎”.  They are very curious about Chinese so we had a great time learning this song.

What’s more, I played different interesting outside games with them. Such as “the eagle catches
chickens”, “Hug together when I speak a specific number ” and “贴膏药” which is a famous Chinese
game. Among all these, their favorite is the cup  dance. Cup dance has been very popular online in
China, so I learned it myself first then taught them. After they learned how to play it, I can hear the
sounds of cup dance coming from the classroom everyday!

Day by day, you will find out how amazing these students are! They will give  candy and snacks to you, plug the Burmese gardenia into your hair, then laugh and say:”Teacher beautiful!” They will make a circle on the lawn to let you take pictures. They will take you around the muddy road to see their newly planted little tree on rainy days. They will wind you with cardboard, and will help you braid your hair.

My first week here was extraordinarily good ! No matter teachers or students here, they are all very nice, caring and welcome. I am having a great time here and I know the great time will keep going!!!