Second week: What a colorful school life !

The first weekend, Teacher P’noi took me to his home after three hours driving. And that’s where I was flooded  with the hospitality of Thai people again. His family, they all can’t speak English, so it’s difficult to have a smooth conversation. However, it didn’t matter at all.

They took me out to visit a temple nearby, a huge Buddha and a splendid building in Cambodian style. In the evening, they treat me to delicious Thai hot pot and barbecue at home. I love Thai food, they are spicy or sour, both my favorite flavor. Besides, they have fresh vegetables!

Wai kru day (Respect teacher day), This festival is held in the second week of June every year , and all school in Thailand will hold certain activities for it. I am so lucky to have a precious experience of this festival.

Respect teacher day was held on Thursday. Nevertheless, teachers in school had already organized a rehearsal for students to familiarize them with the process of the activities on Tuesday. You can see how much importance they attached to this event! And Students, they started to pick different flowers and accumulate them after they was off school. Then one day before “Respect teacher day ”, students started to make Pan Wai Kru ( flower plate)and a small bunch of flowers by themselves. They split the big flowers in to small ones and inserted them one by one into the mud on the delicate plate. It’s a time consuming job and it needs much patience. But the students were making it so carefully with their whole hearts.

The event went by the following steps: Firstly, they sang songs for teachers. Secondly, they holding the Pan Wai Kru kneed down before a Buddha firstly then kneed down before the teachers and meanwhile, they gave the Pan Wa Kru to teachers. Thirdly, they repeated the second step, but this time they gave teachers the smart bunches of flowers.

When they put their palms together and kneed down before you, you suddenly realized that teacher is such a divine profession!

In addition to this event, School will also hold other activities for students. For instance, every Thursday they would invite a Buddhist monk from a temple nearby to give a speech to all students. And they organized students to plant trees on the backyard of school as well. I can only say what a colorful school life they have !