Half time passed

On Sunday, Nang took Halo ( the new volunteer) and me to attend an Ordination in the temple. In Thailand, Buddhist male will become a monk at his 20 years old. I thought it will be very serious like in China. But it was totally different! it was very crowded, noisy and busy. Thai music was loud, Thai people were abandoned in dancing with Whiskey in their hands. And they even handed us the Whiskey to let us  have a drink although we were completely strangers.

The man who was ready to become a monk sat in a car wearing traditional Thai white suit. The car drove slowly around the temple. We and people from this town walk and dance behind the car waiting for the man to throw candies and coin in a pretty flower cloth. Every time he spread candies and coins, people around screamed loudly in happiness and excitement and crouched down to grab them. After one circle, he got off the car, kowtowed before the temple. Then he was walked into the temple by the crowd.

On Monday, we cooked Chinese hot pot for teachers. Cooking is a hard work that you can never understand if you are the kind of person who just wait for your food to be cooked and just leave after you finish your food. We picked cooking materials in the supermarket yesterday. And I already asked Halo to bring the Chinese hot pot sauce from China. But before starting to cook, there were still many preparations need to be made. Such as washing the vegetables and chopping up the photos. So it took a long time. But I was so happy that teachers love it and finish it all !

On Wednesday, we are told that today is teacher Opor’s birthday and tomorrow is teacher Emmy’s birthday, we had no ideas at all before! So Halo (the new volunteer) and I began to think about what gifts should we give to them. After discussion, I searched some teaching videos about paper flowers online and we began to prepare the flowers gifts! The time is so limited, so I thought about asking our students to help ours. In this way, they can learn how to fold the paper flowers on one hand,  and on another hand, they also can show their wishes to Emmy and Opor’s birthday! So that day is a long long day, we kept folding and folding from the morning to the afternoon and we are also tired of doing the boring job over and over again. However, we didn’t give up. We try to make every flower at its best and we sang and made jokes to pass time.Finally, we made it! Two beautiful paper flower balls horned to this world. One is in Green which is Emmy’s favorite color and another is in Pink which is Opor’s favorite color.


Back to the students, we not only have good time on the class together, but also off the class. They are so creative! This week I saw they were playing some cloth. When I began to take a photo, they dressed the cloth on their body and walked like an international model in front of me. I laughed so loudly, they were so funny! @Besides, they were curious about Chinese too, they ask me how to write their name in Chinese. I wrote it down for them, then they learned to write it on the billboard.

                 I have been here for three weeks, only one week left. Happy time always goes fast!