Hello Halo

I’m Halo. 🙂

I like a word which says: youth means limitless possibilities.
So I’m here.

The first time I saw Krutop and Emmy, I thought they are serious.
But now we are good friends, Emmy like to take photos for us and Top always talk to us kindly.

The first time I got to school, it was at night.
At that time, I can’t imagine how colorful it will be.
Now I was deeply immersed by the sky, the cloud and the grass etc.

The first time I ate Thailand food, I’m not sure I like it.
Now my favorite food is Thai hot pot.
Also I’m so glad that we have many lively teachers who good at cooking.

The first time I met the students, I was worried about they feel unfamiliar with me.
Now we have fun together and always enjoy great time.

The first time I took class, I thought maybe will be some trouble.
Actually students and teachers helped me a lot, take me to the class, borrow me book…

There still a lot of amazing “first times”,
first time sing with students,
first time students taught me play games,
firs time go out for shopping,

not only first time, every time was wonderful.
And I’m pretty sure next time would be more joyful.

Best Regards,