word+L (ove) =WORLD

When a word with love is not only a word, it will become a new “world” one day.

Two weeks passed, I’ve deeply impressed by the everyone and everything in this place.

Lovely students always make me feel full of happiness. Some of them call “teacher” again and again to get your attention, some students would do interesting things to make you laugh, others may be shy and just shake your hands. They are not only the students, also my friends and even family. They indeed make me feel at home.

Also they are clever and hard working. Though we make fun after class, but when class begin, they are  all listen carefully. If you ask them to follow you read the article, I’m sure you will find that they do better every time. For them, I guess even the homework would be a cheerful thing, when you have checked them homework, they would correct the wrong place and hand up again to make a better grade. If you give them a sticker, they will be delighted for a long time.

As time goes by, I’m glad they could got progress on English. Meanwhile, I can feel the promotion of myself in daily life. When I take class, it’s easier for me to make myself clear; when I stay with students, I feel more satisfied. We grow up together.

In my opinion, when you teach them words, it’s necessary to spend time and definitely inject your love. When a word with love, it will make a miracle. Maybe give others positive energy, perhaps change the world.