Goodbye Students


On the third weekend,we went to attend a donation in another school nearby. The donation is held on Saturday, and we went to help prepare for something on the Friday with other teachers in our school.Then on Saturday,we went with some students in our students who represented other students to accept the donation. The donators are people from a soldier club,we had lunch and a great talk with some of them.



At this night,Boss took us to dance because I said I wanted to dance.You can see Boss is such a nice person.That’s a restaurant with a big stage and a cool band playing music on it.There are also some big screens which were playing World Cup and every time there’s a good shoot people would scream in excietment.We had a nice dinner,and we drank whiskey.As the people get drunk, there were more and more people dancing in front of the stage, so did us.We totally indulged in dancing.Every teacher danced very well and happily.Even our Boss who is usually serious and refused to dance many times at the beginning was dancing happily with us after I encouraged him many times.We became more close to each other while we are dancing together.



During the last week, students had many interesting activities.For example, one afternoon,teachers dressed up some students with magnificent dresses and put on makeup for them. Some of them are boys who dressed up like girls! Then they danced on the stage. It was very funny, we all laughed loudly.

And another day, They held the Anti-Drugs activity by parading around the school.We held the billboard and walked a long way under the burning sun while speaking some pledge about anti-drugs all the way.The students are so cute and they always do some cute things too. Like when we walked by a small village, a students handed me a little kitty, so lovely!





Bid farewell was coming I know, when we were taking the class as usual, when we were holding those activities, when we were laughing happily together.I know it would come anyway. I planned to make a photo wall for my students Because teachers there all said that I took good photos.So why not take a good advantage of this ? I picked out some good photos and printed them out.But only photos are not enough.I also folded many paper flowers to decarate the photo wall. I put all the photos and flowers on the wall by myself while students were having activities on the playground. At last,I also put on some paper fish, cats and rockets made by students from primary 1 because it is me who taught them how to fold these fish, cats and rockets. The wall is full of happy memory of us.



In addition to this, I aslo made a 20 minutes video for them.This video contains all the small videos I took for students from my first day here.I played this video for my students on the last day, the farewell. Some students cried, and so did I.It’s always so hard to say goodbye.

Link of the video:

Then I received many gifts from the students. Some made the cards by themself,and they even wrote Chinese on it and what’s more, they draw the mouse I taught them on it and also put on the paper fish and flowers I taught them on the card.Some gave me a adorable pikachu,a ball writing “I love you”,a beautiful necklace and cute pens and notebooks.The teachers also gave me the photos they took with me.And one of the teacher Ploy even drew a lovely picture of me, she drew it so well and I love it.In return,I also prepared some photos for the teachers and some cute cards for the students.



Saturday, Boss and his family drove me to Bangkok.My flight is at Monday morning 3 am.So they booked the hotel for me and took me to take the boat on Chao phraya river. We had delicious dinner on the boat and enjoyed splendid buildings on both sides of the river.We waved our hands and said “Hi”to every brigde passed over our heads. Thanks boss for letting me have such a wonderful experience at the end of my volunteer.


Thanks all teachers,students and nice people I met in Thailand.Chelsea’s volunteer trip ended here.It is a fatastic and unforgettable experience for me.I will miss you all.