Together to gather

My dears,

Nice to meet you always.

Glad to see you every morning.

Today I want to share several interesting moments here.

Hope the time you see this picture will smile unconsciously. Colorful flowers always make me recall wonderful moments. Also one word need to mention: สวยงาม. Due to the language, most of time we communicate with each other through expression and action. Till now, after they call me teacher without one word, I can understand their meaning. And I love them smiling, once they smile, they are beautiful flowers in my mind.

In the above picture is a primary 3 student. Now I mainly have the class for primary 2, 3 & 5. She seems the monitor of her class. At the begin of every class, she always say”stand up please” full of energy. Like today, I feel uncomfortable, but the time I hear they greeting with me, I indeed feel better. And at the end of every class, the students always say”thank you teacher, see you again next time”, Last week, teacher Chelsea go home, she said”thank you students, see you again next time”. Though one week passed, the moment still clear for me. I’m afraid that day for me. I hope stay longer with all of you, hope the time pass slowly.

Let’s discover the inside world of Bank. He just like a big brother to all of students, organize them to hoist the flag, maintain discipline and call students for clean up etc. He looks strict when he didn’t smile. But the thing is, the time he smiles, you could deeply impressed by him. In last week afternoon, he and his classmates sing a song for me. Four students performs like a professional band, Bank is main responsibility for sing, To sang and danced. Other two students one played beats, one even played a b-box role.  I used to have a band before when I was in high school, that moment I remembered my wonderful memories.

Every picture shows a story.

Every smile face passes happiness.

Every time I saw students, I could see the starry sky from their eyes.

I still have a lot of stories, see you again next time.