I‘m okay

After three weeks live alone, I got two partners last week. They arrive at Bangkok on Sunday, and p’boss take me to Bangkok on Saturday. I have spent a wonderful weekend with p’boss family and p’Emmy.

At first, I want to say:” though I live alone,  I’m not lonely.“ Because I could stay with students, they are all my buddy. Some of them even my homie. I like to spend time with them. I can’t remember how many times I said they are lovely.

And after school, there always have teacher to take care me, I also could do my favor for them. In my opinion, to be here not only for teaching, but also for living. It’s a new and different life for me. I like to experience a lot of things, I feel like I’m a part of them. The teachers often take me with them to participate the activities. They are just like my family, we could exercise together, play game together and have fun together. Below picture is we took part in the activity together:

On last Saturday, we took boat together. I really enjoy the feeling that I focus on one side. Then p’boss called me, he said to me: pay attention to both sides. That moment deeply impressed me. Actually in my daily life, I’m always value much for one thing, then became emotional. Sometimes, even miss many other valuable things. It’s necessary for me to “pay attention to both sides” in my life.

Thanks for everything, everyone and every words here.