With YOU

Life here has entered last week, review last 50 days, I have to say it’s the most simple life I have been in within years. The time I stay here, just like the sea to me. Sometimes, stay calm make me feel the peaceful power. Other times, it would got some wind, maybe the delicious food, the great weather, the beautiful clothes or the interesting things. All that small surprises like the wind gently blow my heart. Make me feel satisfied and comfortable. I sincerely hope all the people here would feel satisfied in most of time, and students would become who they want to be.

Last week, we have four days holiday, and we have gone to Pattaya. Elephant as my favorite animal, make my journey full of happiness. I took a lot of photos with elephant. I want to share three unforgettable moments with you about elephants. The first one, the elephant was carried me forward. It is interesting to shake all the time. Second thing is the elephant use her nose lift me up. So exciting!! I can’t help but scream. And I like that feeling. The last one, believe it or not, elephant gave me a massage. So gentle make me want to sleep.

Back to students, they are so creative. There are some things, I cannot do by myself but they can. Today students in primary five made a nice look for my hair. Special and สวยงาม hairstyle. I want to say the most popular word in China to them,: skr, skr.

I would cherish much the next week, also the last week for my volunteer life here. If it’s possible, I wanna stay in this summer with you forever.