Activities in our school

There are plenty of activities in our school.For example ,last Wednesday we had a charity activity aim at raising money for a nearby temple.During the week ,students from P5 practiced their dance after class and on that day,they made up with the help of teachers and dreesed up.The activity began at tjat afternoon,the weather was deadly hot and I am not fond of the heatweaves but it was very nice and touchy to see that our students performed all the way though they were tired and sweaty ,smiles were always on their faces.We got to the temple after about one hour.All was done ,and at that time ,I deeply felt the Thai Buddhism culture.
Last Thursday was Thai King‘s birthday .We had no lessons and had another activity during the day.It is believed that Thai people was royal to their king and they had a four-day holiday in order to celebrate king’s birthday.

Besides these two activities ,our life here was simple and slow-paced.We teach students Endlish and play with them.They are crazy about stickers and we reward them with cartoon stickers if they perform well in the class.What surprised me very much is that they know how to play the popular app in China-Tik Tok.Everytime they come to me and ask for watching short 、intersting videos from Tik Tok.

As for teachers,they cooked dinner for us in turn while sometimes some teachers picked us up and took us to resturants for dinner.Talking with them is always filled with funny and friendly atmosphere.We picked some Thai language during the talk as well.
Time goes by,we have stayed here for nearly two weeks.And I truly believe that after my going back to Shenzhen,I will miss here very much and do not want to forget my precious experience for the rest of my life.