May we meet again

This week is my last week, and tomorrow is my last day.


After school, many students come to our school play volleyball and football. Some of them used to be our school students. At first, I play volleyball with them, then student Mon drive the motorcycle take me around our school. I enjoy the feeling taking the motorcycle because of the cool wind. By the way, I like the cloud with light, also the colorful sky. Below picture photoed in school on Aug 8.

At night,  p’boss, p’emmy p’reno and I sit together. Boss talked about the first time i go out with them. Talked about my next time come to Thailand. P’emmy asked me whether be volunteer in our school again, Boss interrupted her and said, no need to be a volunteer, just come here, we have room for you, you could stay as long as you want. And we could take you to Cambodia. At that moment, I was deeply touched.


I cannot forget that day, p’reno wait for me at 6.30am to pick me to hospital. My ear pain a lot for these days. But on the other side, I really don’t want to make trouble for any teacher. At Monday night, teachers checked my ear and insisted to take me to hospital. I can feel they worried about me. Thanks again to all of you.

And that day, we have “English Camp” activity, I like to participate in students group. And my group got NO.1 in two parts. I am so proud of you.


We were prepare for the “Mother’s Day” activity. Due to Friday is my last day. P’emmy changed the Mother’s Day activity to Thursday. After lunch, p’reno take me to the mini lotus, we buy a lot of things for dinner: hot pot. On our way back to School, we bug salan and durian, the durian is the most delicious I have eat since I born. I love durian!


Today we have the activity for Mother’s Day. Every students perform very well for their parents. Lots of them danced and some of them sang. After their show, they give one flower to their mother. I saw some students cried, to be honest, I almost cry. And I keep one flower for my mom.

This day, we took a lot of photos. If I can, I want to photo with everyone.


You always say” see you again next time”

This time I say” MAY WE MEET AGAIN