There are many activities in our school this week.

On Tuesday,we have an English activity called English camp. The main purpose of this activity is to practice the students’ English level and improve their interest in learning English. In total, six events were held. These six activities involves daily conversation, color, body parts, shape, occupation, etc. Our activity lasted whole day. I play games with classmates and teach them learn words. In the end, the winning team will be rewarded. It’s a great experience for both me and students.

Last week, students were preparing for mother’s day. Each grade learned to sing and dance  in the classroom. In China, there is no program for mother’s day. I was touched to see the students preparing for the activity.On Friday, many student parents come to school. Students give their mother flower and wear flower on cloth.

One volunteer returned to China on Friday. I had only two weeks left with one other volunteer.

Seperate is for a better meeting.