The third week.

Last week was unasual and as was imagined .We have other activities .On Tuesday,we three volunteers organized a play-learn game called English Camp under the demand of Emmy and principle.The activity lasted the whole day,more than six hours.We divided it into 6 parts and each of us leaded two.All the primary students participated in ..I was mainly responsible for “the body” and “jobs”What surprised me was that all the students knew words related to organs well.During the teaching processing,they responded to me actively and they were divided into three groups.When the competion began they just drawed under our instractions.I was totally moved by their creativities and sense of coorporation.After they finished,each group had two representives to show their works .In the afternoon,though I was sleepy I cheered myself up and continued.My second part was about jobs .Fristly I taught students words about occupations like “farmer”“teacher”and so on.It was a bit boring and I just tried to create a good atmosphere.Thanks to Halo(another volunteer teacher)We successfully held the “act and guess”game.One group performed and the other two groups guess what the job it would be.Finally my team won.All in all,tired but happy and our students impressed me very much because of their active,their creativity,ability of learning and sense of coorperation.As for me,I also learned a lot .For example,how to plan and organised an activity.

Another activity was mother’s day.All the students performed on stage in turnUnluckily,I was uncomfortable at that time and was unable to take part in much and the students just knew I was not ok and when seeing me they greeted me and showed their care for me in a long distance.They were very honest and innocent .I truly believed that I would miss them always no matter how long the distance.