Lovely Students

Last Friday, the school held a farewell party for teacher Halo. The teachers and the students were sad. Many students gave gifts to Halo. Teachers also gave gifts to Halo for her returnto China. Seeing everyone crying for leaving, I was also very sad.

Before, the volunteer had an ear problem. One night, when I went to the canteen, I saw the boss and the teacher looking at Halo’s ear with great concern. Then the teacher used tissue to clean her ears. The boss told Halo to go to the hospital at six tommorow with teachers. I was very moved by the scene. Teachers care about us like family.

After farewell, I sent teavher Halo to the airport. Three teachers from the school also went to the airport. They were very kind to help with the luggage.After that, I’ll take a bus to Bangkok. The two teachers sent us to a taxi and leave.

This week, many students went to the hospital to see their teeth. Before, dentists came to the school to check the teeth. This time, the students went to the hospital. The students went to the hospital with lunch boxes. I’m with the students at school.

All of a sudden this week, there was the sadness of leaving. But I will never forget this precious experience.