This week is the last week of my volunteering. Looking back, the scene when I came to Thailand from Hong Kong alone was still in sight. That day, I waited another volunteer at the airport waited for nearly a day. The boss and teacher Emmy of our school picked us up at the airport. After more than three hours of driving, we arrived at our school. My impression of our school is colorful walls and large meadows.
Every morning, students arrive at school very early. They clean the school every morning. At eight o’clock, the students began to raise the flag. Unlike every Monday in China, Thai schools hold flag-raising ceremonies every morning. I think this is a good way to cultivate students’ patriotic feelings.
There are a total of six grades in our school, and there is only one class in each grade. In addition to the elementary school, there are three kindergarten classes in the school. The scene where I first introduced myself in front of the students still came to my attention. I am very happy to see the cute and innocent faces of the students. When there is no class, the students will be surrounded by me. Although they sometimes can’t communicate with me in English, they always try their best to communicate.
Although the time around has passed quickly, I have been waiting for 30 days. Everyday I play with the students, and I am simple and pure. I think this is the charm of the children. The teachers in the school are also very good. They give us a meal every day. The teachers will take care of us. They also think that we may not be used to eating and will cook for us alone. I am lucky enough to participate in some traditional festivals in Thailand. This gives me a better understanding of Thai culture.
This week, the students knew I was going back to China. They will hug me and say don’t go back. Every time when the class over, students always say: “Thank you, teacher, see you next time.” I also hope that I will have the opportunity to meet the children again.